Monday, May 7, 2012

Stick Plants

Last year we went to the garden festival in Winter Garden. We were so excited to find our first set of plans and we brought home all kinds of beautiful plants that died. Only a handful of the plants survived. The survivors include: Plumbago (which is barely holding on),  Flatwoods Plum (which is thriving), and our Plumeria (stick plants).

The Plumeria was purchased as sticks. Each stick was about 12 inches long without any leaves, flowers, or even dirt. Just sticks. We followed the directions, placed then in the sun, and last summer it was great to have sticks with leaves. Fall came, the leaves fell off. Winter came and we protected them through the frosts. I am happy to say that with Spring this year, we got more than just leaves!!!

As leaves started to spring up, we saw little branches with bobbles at the ends coming up.

Then the little bobbles turned into little buds. And then grew to about an inch long. and then "boom" all of a sudden the plumeria flowers started to open! 

Hopefully soon the whole cluster of buds will open up. The plumeria has a very strong sweet smell and is fragrant enough that if they all open, it should perfume the backyard entirely!

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