Sunday, May 6, 2012

Orange Ground Orchids

Several weeks ago now, Sam came home with plants from Lowe's. He has developed a newfound appreciation for the clearance section of the garden center. (It brings a tear to my eye how much I inspire him sometimes!)

He came home with Figs and some orange Ground Orchids. I had never seen or heard of them before! (Not the figs, but the ground orchids...) So there they sat for almost a month in their Lowe's pots. And every weekend, we had intentions of doing great things with them, yet every weekend there they sat.

And then we came home with some beautiful pottery that we picked up in Altamonte. I thought for sure they would be in there in no time flat. But no... The pots sat empty and the ground orchids sat. Until last week...

Same took the initiative to plant his ground orchids - and how amazing do they look?!

Except for the fact that the pots are blue and the flowers are orange... I think they look great. This is a big step for a Seminole... But I am going to let them be!

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