Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day!

Today my mother came over and we enjoyed the afternoon catching up and enjoying the gardens.

I was pleased to hear from her that the amaryllis bulbs I gave her a few months ago started to bloom! Even more pleased since she has a black thumb (as opposed to the green thumb).

When I gave her the bulbs, I had no clue what colors they were. She specifically wanted the candy striped (red and white); however, when I planted my amaryllis gardens, I mixed all of the bulbs in my amaryllis gardens because I love the surprise of not knowing what is next. It is so exciting to see the buds emerging from the bulbs and not knowing what they are until they open up.

The exciting part of my mom's amaryllis was that indeed her first blooms were candy striped!

Since I have already shared a few pictures of some of my other amaryllis, I hope you may enjoy a candy striped and a beautiful red bud preparing to start opening tomorrow!

Candy striped
Red Bud

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