Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sam's Avocado

Last year my friend Elisa and I had a great lunch together. As usual, she had her avocado with lunch. How on earth one person can eat so much avocado is just beyond me. She she finished and was about the toss out the pit, and I asked if I could bring it home for Sam. She looked a little perplexed, but sent it home.

Sam was on a mission to grow anything that had a pit. Peaches, Nectarines, Avocados, and then he even tried apple seed. And had no luck... Until I brought home Elisa's Avocado pit.

He was soooooo excited!!! He found a nice pot, filled it with compost, and potted the pit. He created a daily nurture ritual of watering it, and pulling the weeds. months went by and nothing. Two months, three months, and then I believe it was about 4 months later that a chartreuse sprinng emerged from the black soil.

He never left his routine and has continued to monitor the progress of his baby avocado daily. And now it has grown  a foot tall. So we decided today that it was time to find it a permanent home.

Sam dug a whole, we blended ashed from the firepit with compost and Sam placed his avocado in the hole. As we covered the roots with more compost, the evening sun engulfed the leaves of the avocado.

Crossing my fingers that she grows fast and procudes fruit one day!

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