Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hill Garden

I love gardening. And I love all of the plants in my gardens. But there is just something amazing about growing a plant from seeds. There is an exhilaration that you can only get from getting dirty, digging a small hole and then dropping the seeds in. And with your care, watering the dirt, watching the sprouts, watering and more watering and then just all of sudden it seems you have a plant and then you have flowers. It really is amazing to look at it and just know that it's totally your fault that this little "being" has grown up and graced your presence with it's beauty.

The hilltop garden has offered us just this kind of wonderment. I still remember planting the seeds for all the different sunflowers, and four o'clocks, and the corms for the about 80 gladiolas. and doing just what I described above. and now it's right at the stage where I am enjoying some of the fruits of the labor.

And even better is when you receive a complete surprise! This was the very hill where we scattered wildflower seeds last year. Sadly nothing seemed to take off, but this year a few rogue zinnias have sprung up amongst the sunflowers.

Four o'clocks



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  1. I dont seem to have luck with seed scattering. But I have heard they may not root the first year. Where I have tried, the following year, I do something else in that spot and probably end up taking out seedlings I think to be weeds. Yikes!

    Congrats on your rain barrel! I know what you mean about watching the video over and over again. The Saint and I took on a huge bathroom renovation last year and we were so happy to have the computer nearby to assist our questions. Like having our own teacher right in the house with us! And reading the comments was most helpful as well….