Thursday, May 24, 2012

Agapanthus Lily

Last year the restaurant that Sam and I worked for closed. When they closed, we asked the owners for some of the plants that were around and gladly brought home plenty of agapanthus. We planted them along our front driveway and then waited. And waited... And waited... To no avail to see any blooms last year.

With all of the recent rain that we have received, it looks like the agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) is finally waking up! A few weeks ago, the first little bud shot up and just this morning, I noticed that the blossoms were starting to open up! The little blue clusters were just eating up the afternoon sun when I got home from work and I snapped up this beautiful picture!


  1. Great picture of Lily of the Nile! Love that color. Last year after Easter, I found those Easter Lily on sale for a dollar each. I picked up 4 and planted them. I am happy to say they all bloomed for me this year! Not for Easter as the garden centers have them timed for Easter bloomage. I have added lots of lily to the garden and just love them....

  2. I didnt know you were on blogspot!!!!