Sunday, April 8, 2012

What is it?!

Had a lovely Easter with Mom in Ocala. She made an amazing stuffed pork loin with sundried tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella. Afterwards, she wanted to share her garden with me.

She has the gift of the black thumb. Don't know where I got it since dad never had a green thumb either. Because of this, I had to check on the Amaryllis I gave her last month, feed and water them, and then proceed to check on the status of the rest of everything in the yard.

Just beyond the hanging basked with the brown ivy (not because the foliage was actually brown, but because it was dead, dry, and clearly no longer living), I noticed a patch of bulbs next to her shrimp plants. When i asked, she didn't know what they were. They happened to be there when she moved in. There had to be hundreds of bulbs! Maybe some kind of lillies???

So I asked... I had to know what they were... Mom said, "Go ahead and take as many as you want!" Clearly there was no way to so no! I ended out taking about 20 or so plump 2-3 inch bulbs. I can hardly wait to get them into compost with proper nutrition to see what they are! It's like a surprise that is just waiting for me!

I was also able to coax a couple sprigs of the Shrimp plant and a small papaya tree. And of course, whenever the papaya fruits come in, mom will be the first to be able to set her black thumbs on the brightly colored flesh!

I leave you with a close-up of the Shrimp Plants, just in case you're curious... and will leave you with a promise to share with you what the bulbs yield will be!

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