Wednesday, April 18, 2012


And yet another amaryllis blooms!

I'm still learning about each bulb in my amaryllis garden. I just never know what to expect. It sprung up this spring with the double whites with frilly pink and red edges, then came the dark pink witht he white centers, and then the candystriped, and now what I am calling creamsicle.

Tell me this color does not look like the Creamsicle Pops from when you were a kid! These have been the most bizarre. Apparently I have a few that have all started to bloom at the same time. Normally the bulb sends up a shoot that get between 12-18 inches tall and then 3 to 6 flowers open a the top of the flower stem one at a time with each bloom lasting several days. These Creamsicle Amaryllis do not seem to have any stalk. The flower buds pop from the bulbs and then just open. I am not sure why there is no stalk...

Has anyone else had this experience with Amaryllis? Anyone have any ideas why this might happen and perhaps ways to "fix" it? I would love to have this color actually visible in the garden. And without the flower stalk, you really can't appreciate their beauty.

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