Monday, April 9, 2012


After work I got home and spent some time going through etsy. I always love viewing ommat's shop. Definitely one of my favorites!

I love reviewing her shop mainly for the daylillies. I love the selection and keep promising myself that one day I am going to find just the right spot in the yard to create my daylilly garden, and then I'll buy several of the wonderful varieties that she has available in her shop. But I just haven't found it yet... soon I hope!

This is the newest one that caught my eye...

Plant  Blackberry Lily, also known as a Leopard Lily  Live Plant

Tell me this is not amazing!

Soon, I can only hope to fill my dreamy daylilly garden with varieties right from ommat's shop...

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  1. Three Cat Manor, I am honored to have my shop feaured in your blogg, Thank You, OmmaT
    Daylilies are my speciality plant, people come to my gardens in full bloom and pick the daylilies they like to add to their collection and then I dig them and they take them home for generations to enjoy, many of my plants will be passed down from mother to daugther, grandmother to grandchildren, which is another beautiful reason I love these beautiful plants. The one pictured above is a Blackberry lily, amazing it looks to belong to the daylily family, but it is related to the Iris and blooms in the summer and sets seeds that are clusters of black shinning seeds resembling a blackberry, so the name Blackberry lily name stuck!