Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daylillies - Part II

When we first moved into our house (before I ever discovered Etsy), I bought a few fans of daylillies from Wal-Mart. As much as I like the prices there, nothing from Wal-Mart EVER seems to live past a week for me. Reluctantly, I planted the 6 daylilly fans surrounding our Arizona Sunset roses.

They struggled. Two died. And Four continued to struggle. Last year a few greens just sat there and no blooms appeared.

A few weeks ago, they finally started to take off! Sending up their sun-scopes to reach as high as possible for the sun. The stems have been waving in the wind for a couple weeks and then the little buds appeared. Last week they plumped up. And then... success! the first blooms!

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  1. Always happy to see day lilies. I have been hybridizing them now since 2008 and this years are exceptional. It is a hobby that has become an obsession! Here on the shores of Lake Michigan they do well. I often try showing the lake in the many photos I post, it is such a part of the gardens. Enjoyed my visit. Jack