Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dodging Raindrops

This entire weekend it felt like Sam and I were dodging raindrops. No matter what the project was, it kept seeming to be interrupted by the rain. Yesterday we were able to accomplish one feat: The Maple Tree Project.

We were working on our fence in the backyard. This required us to remove the panels and reset the posts. While doing so, we had a somewhat large Maple Tree interfering with the panel. Instead of just cutting it down, we decided to dig it up and at least try to give it a good home.

Luckily for us, Florida is a big sandpit and the Maple was right in the middle of the sandpit. We somewhat successfully dug it up and moved it to the front yard. The move to the front yard was the rough part.

When we dug the hole in the front yard for the Maple, someone (previous owners - not us...) decided that it was a good idea to use gravel and clay to level off the area. After a lot of back-breaking work using shovels and the claw side of the hammer, we were able to excavate a nice size hole.

In went the Maple along with several wheelbarrows full of compost dirt until we ran right out. At least covering all the roots, we felt that topsoil to help fill in the hole would be ok to stabilize our newly planted tree.

Just as we put down our shovel, the rain came pouring in! At last! A project done before the rain beat us! And just the right timing for the tree.

Ohhh... yeah.... I forgot to mention the size of the tree.... About 15-20 feet! Fingers crossed that it does well.

Happy Earth Day!

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