Monday, June 25, 2012

More Rain?! MORE??

The last two days have just been miserable. This is going to be our third straight day of rain. It started on Saturday afternoon, but has continued non-stop since then. All day, all night. And now it looks like another day of rain, all day...

The positive side: at least I don't have to worry about watering the plants! And we do need some rain from the drought we were in.

Here's the forecast for the day. Have you ever actually seen a forecast for 100% Rain Chance?!


  1. You are so very lucky to have rain. We were all hoping Debby would make it here to Tennessee but no such luck. This June will be the second driest in Tennessee's history. It's mighty hard to garden like that. I so wish I could get some too! Enjoy it!

  2. I also wish for rain but not sure I would like as much as you guys in FL are getting right now. Wow, that is a lot of rain. Here in GA we are Bone Dry to say the least! I am out watering in the morning and evening hours to try and keep up. Now the heat is on and our only salvation shall be a possible pop up shower. Come on rains, my gardens need you.....

    Am glad to see that your kitty is back to his Clown Kitty self again. We refer to one of our cats as a Clown also. Sheba is a funny cat that makes us laugh at something she does every day. I spotted something in our woods a few minutes ago. Not sure if a dog or Coyote but that is why our fur babies stay safe in the house since we rescued them from the woods. I would worry myself sick if they were outside kitties. We enjoy visits from our next door neighbors cats in our garden though. They think that our gardens are their own personal Playground. LOL…

    I had fun playing with your fish. :-)

  3. Ok the rain is over and now you are able to get out in the yard---we need more!!!!! Love, MOM