Friday, June 13, 2014

Magic squash!

In December we made some squash and I tossed the seeds into the garden... forgot about them. I've found sometimes the least you do for a plant, the betterand it does.

Once every memory of the squash seeds had been removed from the far reaches of my brain, along came little plants. Having no clue what they were, I decided to let them grow and then see. I could tell from the leaves that it surely must be a squash or melon or maybe even a cucumber...

Sure enough as the days counted on, the vines grew longer, the leaves bigger, the flowers came and then finally the fruit.

Watching the fruit helped gather my memory about what I threw into it garden: butternut squash!

Didn't water it. Didn't fertilize it. Didn't do anything to it. Not only did it came with numerous little gourds. I must say, very tasty, big,  and good! Looks like we'll be eating a lot of squash for a while!

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