Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Passionflower TRRRellis!

OK... So let me start with the "I'm sorry." Keeping this blog up to date has been a task for me. Once I got behind, it seemed daunting to get back on to make updates. Now that I am started again, I'll keep it going :-)

Recently we found ourselves in need of space in the garage and have been going on a spree of get rid of it or at least find a use. By far, my favorite project so far that has come of this: the pair of trellises by the pool. Take a look!


So this is a Triple-R project: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We reduced landfill waste, reused some pieces, and recycled by repurposing.

"How?!" You may be asking. (If not, just stick with me...)

There were two old Queen Size mattresses in the garage! We stripped the material off the mattresses down to the springs. Although we did not keep the fabric, we did reuse some of the underlayment as a weedbarrier in the garden (works great!) and we found that the springs made a wonderful trellis.

First we set the galvanized poles from an old chain-link fence with a sledge hammer. We literally pounded them into the soft sand several feet in. Once they were in, Sam marked the poles of where the springs would be attached.

Then we drilled into the pipes where it was marked.

 The mattress springs were then wired to the post through the drilled holes.

After the springs were attached, Any remaining bits of fabric were cleaned off the frame with a razor blade. 

And VOILA! a trellis was built!

We built two in between our palms by the pool to create a natural screen of vines. On the left, we have planted two varieties of passionflower: a purple and a red. And it looks like they are enjoying the weather already!

We hope to have something else planted on the right one soon. More updates to follow soon!


  1. Back in the day when I was having to hide the dryer lint because you would use it to make something out of, I knew you could make something out of nothing. Looks like you and Sam are still doing it. Looks good! Love MOM

    1. Thanks! Sam was actually the genius behind this one. We worked to bring it to reality together.

  2. What a great idea. Yankee ingenuity, even if one does say "swate tay".