Saturday, August 4, 2012

cranberry lime succlent

In December I was at Lowe's hunting for just the right succulents to create a succulent garden for my Mother (Black Thumb). For Christmas, I decided it would be a great gift for her since I could create a contained succulent garden that wold only need water every week or so. In hunting for her succulents, I also decided to get enough to fill in my cactus and succulent table.

I gathered up all kinds of succulents eagerly. I searched high and low for different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. With as many as I was taking, I lined them up in one of the trays and rushed home as quickly as I could to get the succulent garden set up. It looked beautiful! So beautiful that I had to create a table top version for myself too!

As the little plastic tray emptied out, I discovered all kinds of scculent pieces and leaves. Of course, what would I think?! "Why not just grab up all the little pieces and see if anything roots?!" And that, of course, is what I did.

A couple of them struggled through, made some progress, but then shriveled right up into nothing. However... just one powered through and has become it's own little plant! I found a bottle from Cranberry Lime Schmirnoff. I used a bottle cutter to remove the top of the bottle and made a little planter.

I thought the "flavor" of the succulent was cranberry and lime since it was red and green :-) How appropriate?!


  1. Where's the succulent table picture?

  2. When it comes to succulents a little piece goes a long way!! sometimes a little too much in the garden.